We can negotiate advantageous accommodation rates and conference packages on behalf of our clients thanks to our excellent working relationships with hotels around India.
The Ayagya Holidays team has successfully managed various MICE programs, ranging in size from 10 to 1000 people at once. Whether it’s a conference of business leaders or a high- profile board meeting, the team at Ayagya Holidays is prepared to satisfy all your demands under one roof at the best possible price.


In India, Meeting and Convention Planner (M&CP) is renowned for our imaginative and tailor-made MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and events) programs. Our expertise in curating exceptional experiences sets us apart, ensuring that each occasion is a resounding success. Whether you’re organizing a corporate meeting, planning an incentive trip, hosting a conference, or arranging a special event, our dedicated team is here to exceed your expectations. We take pride in crafting unique and impactful programs that leave a lasting impression on attendees. With M&CP, you can trust in our seamless execution, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. Let us elevate your MICE ventures to new heights and create unforgettable moments for your participants.


With our extensive local expertise and a proven track record of handling international teams of corporate clients, we assure you that your MICE events will be both enjoyable and cost-effective, adding significant value to your investment. Our well-researched programming ensures that each aspect of the event is carefully crafted to meet your specific needs and goals. From inception to execution, our faultless approach guarantees a seamless experience for all attendees. With a focus on attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in delivering successful MICE events that leave a lasting impact. Trust us to create a memorable and rewarding experience for your participants, ensuring that your investment yields the desired results and fosters lasting connections within your organization.


At Ayagya Holidays, we pride ourselves as a versatile Conference Expert, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure the success of your event. From managing convention bids and cash flow forecasting to meticulous timeline planning and effective marketing and promotions, we cover every aspect of conference organization. Our expertise extends to vendor sourcing, seamless registration processes, and efficient abstract management. Additionally, we excel in securing sponsorships, arranging accommodations, handling logistics, and overseeing production and staging requirements. With our dedicated team of professionals, you get the expertise of a teacher and a student, a procurement specialist, a travel agent, a destination expert, a reporter, and a movie director—all combined to deliver a remarkable and unforgettable conference experience. Trust Ayagya Holidays to make your event a resounding success.


As a true leader in corporate events solutions, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs and goals. We invest time and effort in thoroughly evaluating your requirements, ensuring a customized approach for every project. Our commitment extends to crafting programs that impress with seamless and comprehensive execution, leaving attendees in awe. We go the extra mile to infuse “wow” elements into each event, making them truly extraordinary and unforgettable. From meticulous planning to flawless production, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every step. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we create events that not only meet but exceed expectations. Partner with us for a seamless and remarkable corporate event experience that leaves a lasting impact on your guests.

Board Meetings

When it comes to planning a successful board meeting or conference, attention to detail is paramount. With Ayagya Holidays at your side, you can rest assured that even the smallest aspects will be expertly handled. Drawing from years of experience, we excel in managing seamless meetings, starting from choosing the perfect venue to meticulously informing all attendees about the meeting arrangements. Our team leaves no stone unturned to ensure your conference runs flawlessly and without a hitch. From coordinating logistics to providing top-notch support, we take care of every element, allowing you to focus on the core objectives of your event. Trust us to deliver an exceptional and stress-free experience for you and your attendees, making your board meeting or conference a resounding success.

Group Travel

Experience the pinnacle of vacation destinations in India – a country in Asia that draws countless visitors yearly. For an unforgettable journey, India group tours are the way to go, tailor-made for avid travelers seeking the best adventure of their lives. Ayagya Holidays presents an unbeatable India group trip package, offering incredible value for your money. Prepare to be enthralled by vibrant city nightlife, picturesque beaches, majestic heritage forts & palaces, luxurious resorts, awe-inspiring temples, and renowned tourist hotspots. Escape the hustle of your daily routine and embark on an enthralling group tour of India to uncover the wonders of this remarkable nation. With Ayagya Holidays, your dream vacation awaits, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

Leadership programs

Our Leadership programs are designed with a singular focus: to nurture exceptional leaders. We define true leadership as the ability to inspire, guide, and empower individuals to achieve their full potential while collectively driving the organization towards success. At Ayagya Holidays, we craft these programs with a keen eye on developing essential leadership qualities such as communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. Through experiential learning, interactive workshops, and expert guidance, we aim to unlock the leadership potential within each participant. Our programs are tailored to address specific organizational goals and challenges, providing actionable insights and practical tools to implement real change. With Ayagya Holidays’ Leadership programs, your organization will cultivate a pool of visionary leaders who can adapt, innovate, and lead with integrity, propelling your enterprise to new heights of excellence.

Team building

Ayagya Holidays provides a variety of unusual, challenging, entertaining, and adventure-based team- building activities. With as many as 700 participants, we undoubtedly organized some of the most extensive team building activities in India. Prepare your team for a voyage of self-realization and awareness of one's strengths and shortcomings as individuals and as a team as it takes them to some of the most beautiful destinations in Asia.