Our Services

Ayagya Holidays is a premier provider of professional travel services specializing in inbound tours to India. We are dedicated to catering to the needs of discerning travelers, offering a wide range of high-quality services including hotel booking, air booking, car hire, and local transportation. Our team of travel managers is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and possesses extensive experience and knowledge of the travel industry.
When you choose Ayagya Holidays, you can expect personalized assistance and expert guidance throughout your journey in India. Whether you require assistance with hotel reservations, flight bookings, arranging for transportation, or any other travel-related services, our dedicated travel managers are here to help.
We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that your travel experience in India is seamless and memorable. For all your travel needs in India, we invite you to get in touch with us and await the response from our travel managers, who will provide you with great offers tailored to your requirements.

Experience tours that prioritize top-notch quality and endless pleasure

At Ayagya Holidays, we strive to transform your India holidays into a joyous celebration. We curate a diverse range of tours that encompass various captivating themes across India. Each tour is meticulously prepared with boundless enthusiasm and exceptional attention to detail, having undergone thorough testing.
We take pride in providing comprehensive travel information about the awe-inspiring destinations in India. Our goal is to ensure that your holidays are not only memorable but also immensely enjoyable. With India being a land for all seasons, we are delighted to offer a wide array of tours tailored to your preferences.
From the enchanting landscapes to the rich cultural heritage, Ayagya Holidays is dedicated to serving you with unparalleled experiences throughout your journey. Trust us to make your holidays in India truly extraordinary.
Our tours can be classified into:

Embark on a customized tour that grants you the ultimate freedom of choice

Experience the epitome of freedom with our Customized Tour Department, where we prioritize your complete freedom of choice. Our team will meticulously craft a tour that perfectly aligns with your individual taste, budget, and preferred duration. Discover a myriad of options as we suggest hundreds of captivating places to visit, ranging from exotic beaches to snow-clad mountains and hills, world-renowned backwater cruises, golden deserts, ancient temples, and numerous cultural hotspots famous for fairs and festivals.

Hotel Booking

If you prefer to skip tours and solely require hotel accommodation anywhere in India, we are delighted to assist you in booking accommodations at highly favorable negotiated contracted rates. Our vast range of hotels in India encompasses deluxe international chain hotels as well as meticulously restored palaces once belonging to Maharajas. Additionally, we offer unique options such as forts and havelis that have been transformed into charming heritage hotels, allowing you to immerse yourself in India's rich history and culture.

Transport Sevices and Hire a Car

Travelling in India offers an unparalleled and extraordinary experience. The roads, scenery, culture, people, attitudes, challenges, and diverse modes of transportation collectively paint a unique picture of India itself. When it comes to transportation, Ayagya is your trusted companion, ensuring the best travel experience. For your comfort, we have our own fleet of Indian Ambassador and luxury cars, as well as air-conditioned luxury coaches. Our vehicles are equipped with panoramic windows, seat belts, luxurious push-back seats, plush interiors, and audio systems, all designed to make your journey enjoyable and pleasant. At Ayagya, we prioritize safety and strictly adhere to safety norms, including driving hours, speed limits, and road regulations. We make frequent refreshment stops along the way and maintain a strict no-smoking policy on our coaches for your comfort. Rest assured that when you choose Ayagya, you are in safe hands. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive to and from the enchanting destinations in India, as our modern and luxurious transport fleet effortlessly navigates through both challenging and smooth terrains.

Visas & Travel Insurance

Our dedicated team of experts is also available to assist you in obtaining the necessary visa and travel insurance at a highly competitive premium.

Luxury Train Tours

We offer the opportunity to embark on luxurious train tours such as the renowned "Palace on Wheels" and "Oriental Palace." These train experiences exude opulence and grandeur, providing a truly memorable journey. Furthermore, we can customize your tour by incorporating other fast and comfortable trains to suit your preferences and enhance your travel experience.